A Healthy New Beginning

The birth of your baby is one of the most precious, rewarding experiences you will ever have. To protect your miracle, newborn medical care begins the moment they arrive with a full exam to confirm your child’s delivery was a safe one. Your baby’s first exam includes:

  • Measurement of their weight, length and head circumference.
  • Measurement of their breathing, heart rate, and their temperature will be taken.
  • Monitoring their skin color and activity.
  • Prevention of eye infections with eye drops.
  • Prevention of the possibility of bleeding with a shot of vitamin K.

Post Examination

Following your baby’s examination, newborn medical care continues with a sample of your child’s blood being taken in order to screen for various diseases so treatment may begin immediately should it prove necessary. Your baby will also receive their first bath within 24 hours of their birth. For some first-time parents this is an opportune time to inquire about your child’s care.

First Well-Child Visit

At Portland Pediatric Group we continue with your child’s newborn medical care 3 to 5 days after you both are discharged from the hospital. Your child’s first Well-Child visit allows us to assess the growth and wellness of your child since birth, examine their vision, hearing and reflexes, complete a full physical examination on them, learn more about their sleeping and eating habits as well as guide you on what to expect during the first month.

Prenatal Consultation

We understand the importance of your child’s newborn medical care, which is why prior to birth we jump-start the process by offering parents a prenatal consultation, providing the opportunity to get to know each other while addressing any questions or concerns you may have. Your child’s health and overall well-being is our priority, and our goal is to provide you and your newborn with superior care, assisting in the healthy development of your child’s physical health through adulthood.

Have questions about newborn medical care?

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