Care During Childhood Shapes Adult Health

Why is pediatric care so important? Obviously, a primary objective is overseeing the health and well-being of your children from infancy to teenage years. However, pediatric care also has a significant role to play in determining how healthy your children are when they become adults.

Infant pediatric care helps children get off to a good start. Well-child visits from birth through 18 months of age check on a newborn’s overall condition, nutrition, and growth. These visits are especially helpful for first-time parents who inevitably have many questions about their daily observations. We also like to get infants started on an immunization schedule to prevent any onset of easily preventable diseases.

As children grow, their needs start to change. Activity levels and nutrition become bigger factors in physical health. Habits established at a young age can determine adult outcomes related to obesity, cardiovascular health, and more. Pediatric care including regular annual physicals helps children be more aware of healthy habits, and helps parents plan for any adjustments in lifestyle that may improve health.

Entering teen years, pediatric care remains important. Immunization schedules pick up at 11 years of age, providing protection against more advanced diseases including tetanus, diphtheria, and meningitis. Teens also need to be much more aware of ties between unhealthy behavior and the potential for adult diseases. Chronic diseases affect 1 in 3 adults, and many of these conditions can be traced to four “nonmedical” health-related behaviors: use of tobacco, excessive consumption of alcohol, poor nutritional choices, and inactivity.

If possible, we like to continue caring for young adults through college age. This continues the relationship we’ve developed with a child over the years, with our full knowledge of their medical history. We can also help young adults as they plan to start their own families.

Of course, we are here to help with any conditions your child may experience at any time, and we work with local hospitals including Highland, RGH, Strong, and Unity. Most of our board-certified pediatricians give back to the community by teaching at the University of Rochester. We’d like to be your source for pediatric care in Rochester, guiding your children into better health in adulthood.

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