Promoting Your Child’s Lifelong Health

A sick child can sometimes be stressful situation. You want to alleviate their pain and nurse them back to health as soon as possible. It’s not always avoidable, but with the right pediatrician your child can receive preventative care that can keep them safe from harmful diseases and illnesses.

Preventative care for your child goes beyond immunizations. It takes a deep understanding of what illnesses are most prominent during a particular season. It also takes knowing a child’s habits and surroundings; during your child’s regular visit, we will obtain as much information as possible to properly develop a comprehensive healthcare plan that will help protect them from anything airborne they may encounter.

While immunizations do not make up the full spectrum of your child’s preventative care plan, they do play a vital role, especially when your child begins school. An effective immunization schedule begins at birth and continues on through young adulthood. Preventative care immunizations help protect your child from diseases that can severely affect their health including Hepatitis, the measles, and even certain sexually transmitted diseases. Additionally, most immunizations are required before your child can attend school, ensuring the protection of your child and their peers.

Regular visits at our pediatric office play an important role in your child’s preventative care. As they grow and develop, regular visits allow us to monitor their progress and continuously check them for any abnormal developments as well as answer any questions you may have regarding their health. Our board-certified pediatricians keep up-to-date, detailed records on your child to promote proper treatment and maintain your child’s health through each phase of their life.

Preventative care is imperative to the overall health of your child, and we offer the services needed for your child’s healthcare.

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